Dog Poop Is A Growing Business

I wonder how pets would feel if they realized what percentage of the world is trying to make a buck off of them. It's not just the special doctors, medicines, and (contaminated) food makers, it's the boutique clothing, and beds, and (contaminated) toys and grooming services...

Take dog and cat poop. No, you don't even have to take it. Why? There are the poop bag makers, the plastic shovel makers, the deodorant makers, the litter and the litter box makers... Then there are services, even franchises, that come and pick up poop for cities and parks, and well... anyone who needs these services.

Most recently, pet DNA businesses have cropped up. Not only do the DNA entrepreneurs want to clone your pets, they came up with the brilliant idea of using your dog's DNA to trace his poop back to him... to you the owner, really.

A few months ago, I wrote about a small town in Israel with a poop problem that was solved, at least to the best of our knowledge, by swabbing every dog in town and saving the DNA from his saliva to track down who left the poop in front of the library, on someone's front lawn, or wherever the dog needed to leave it. (A Doggie 'Who Done It:' CSI To The Rescue)

Now BioPet Vet Lab in Knoxville, TN, is offering PooPrints™, a "service to catch miscreants who ignore pooper-scooper rules." Tom Boyd, who runs the company, is quoted by CNN Money as saying, "There's a major problem with dog crap, especially where kids play," he says. "It's a health hazard."

When you find dog droppings, mail them to BioPet. Technicians will match the DNA to reveal the offending owner. Of course, you will have to convince your neighbors to enroll their dogs in the PooPrints™ program. The charge is $29.95 for each pet he enrolls and $49.95 per poop test.


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Feb 26, 2009
by Fashion Finds
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this is needed here

this is needed here desperately. There seem to be two offenders in my building right now! There's suspcion of who the culprit is, but no hard evidence!

Feb 27, 2009
by Anonymous

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