8 Dog Potties That Are Way Better Than Trees

Need a great indoor dog potty for your dog or puppy? 

Many possible scenarios might make you look into getting a new potty for your doggie, other than the obvious one of potty training your dog.

What happens to the inside dog, when his parents don't come home on time and a doggy-door is not available? Then there's the older dog or the sick puppy, who may not be able to hold his urine or feces overnight. What is the best solution if you are ill or injured and can't take your dog for a walk? Or what do you do for an indoor bathroom option for your pets when the weather outside is frightful?

If you want to have the option of having your dog go inside the house, there are some really good indoor dog toilet options now available.  If you need reviews and recommendations, here are my top 8 picks for dog potties that are even better than trees starting with the pricier ones first...

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Top 8 Best Indoor Dog Potties - Reviews

1. Porch Potty Grass Litter Box For Dogs

Porch PottyPorch Potty

If you have a patio that you can use for the potty, the Porch Potty Grass Litter Box For Dogs is a great solution. The Porch Potty is a larger dog potty. At 2 feet by 4 feet so it is great for bigger dogs or dogs that like to walk around a little before relieving themselves.  The potty is a high quality resin frame surrounding either a fresh grass patch or a high quality artificial grass patch that looks and feels a lot like real grass. You can choose either to install a drain hose or drain container and use a manual rinse or their sprinkler system. The potty gets high marks from reviewers for being easy to use and easy to clean.   Perfect for larger dogs, this is suitable for dogs up to 120 lbs.

2. Shake Dog Potty


Best for medium sized dogs less than 40 pounds, the Shake Dog Potty is an award winning dog potty! It was the winner of the "2014 Red Dot Award - Product Design Award" and the "Pet Business - 2104 Industry Recognition Award" The most notable feature of the Shake Dog Potty is that this potty is easy to clean. For liquid messes, you simply clean the potty by filling it with water and shaking it and then discarding the water. (Unfortunately, for solid messes, you still need to pick up the poop like with all the potties and throw it away in the toilet or garbage and then rinse off the potty.) The Shake Dog Potty is treated with Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial protection to reduce odors in the potty. The design of the Shake Dog Potty directs all liquids into sealed reservoirs, almost eliminating the risk of leaks. The clever design also makes it easy to fold and transport the potty where ever your dog goes. It can also be put away discreetly since it folds flat.

Shake Potty Folds FlatShake Potty Folds Flat

3. Pet Loo Pet Toilet

 Pet Loo Pet ToiletPet Loo Pet Toilet

If the idea of pee sitting around your home until you have time to clean it sounds unappealing, the Pet Loo Pet Toilet may be the dog bathroom solution for you. It comes in 3 sizes so suitable for small, medium and large dogs. This is a tray with synthetic grass on top and a unique collection tray that directs urine to a collection tray that they call the Pee Pod. You can just take the collected urine and rinse out the collection tray (make sure to add a little water or baking soda to the tray to dilute the odor). There are some issues with the grass topper being too cheap but people love the system if they replace the cheap grass it comes with replacement grass pads. If you want this option, the Pee Pod can hold Wee Sponge powder  that absorbs the pee and turns it immediately into a gel that traps odors. It seems to work well for trapping odors so when you can't clean the dog toilet immediately and don't want the urine to stink up your place, it may be a great option to try. 

Collection Tray and Gel Powder For Pet LooCollection Tray and Gel Powder For Pet Loo

4. Piddle Place Pet Relief System

Piddle Place PottyPiddle Place Potty

The Piddle Place Pet Relief System Base Unit With Removable Turf Pad  was designed to makes it easy to keep your hands clean and potential odors contained. It comes with a fully closed chamber that is equipped with a drain valve system that removes your having to come in contact with waste. The Piddle Place can be emptied periodically by just dumping the fluids in the toilet about once a week and simply rinsing it out. The product is easy to carry and is compact enough for travel. The completely enclosed design ensures that it remains odor free and it can be cleaned easily.  As you can see, the liquid waste is collected and stored in the plastic tray container so you can flush it down the toilet whenever you are ready.

Piddle Place Tray With Drain ValvePiddle Place Tray With Drain Valve


5. UGODOG Indoor Dog Potty

The UGODOG Potty System uses just a grate and a shell -- no turf. There are actually two grates on the UGODOG that fit together, side by side, into the 28" x 19" pan; two grates are easier to lift and clean. Also, the manufacturer suggests that grating is preferable to grass, because the dog doesn't step in his urine and track it all over the house. If you are concerned about the effect of the grating on your dog's paws, the UGODOG grating has apparently been designed to cushion the paws, through the use of convex beams. Supports small and large dogs. You can use newspaper between the grates and the pan, making cleanup a bit easier. 

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6. Paw Prints Dog Potty Patch

Dog Potty PatchDog Potty Patch

Best for small to medium sized dogs, the Paw Prince Dog Potty Patch is an adorable bone shaped dog potty. The potty is 27 inches by 17 inches or so.  It has artificial non-toxic grass that drains liquids though to its plastic locking tray liner which can be rinsed easily every few days or as needed. What's nice about this product is that the grass pad is elevated from the tray liner so the grass stays dry.  If you are looking for something cuter than the standard box like dog bathroom potty, the Potty Patch may work for you. While there are not many reviews, customers generally rave about how great this dog potty is for their dogs.  For larger dogs, you can't combine these potties easily so a different potty solution would be better for your dog.

Dog Potty Patch Rinses CleanDog Potty Patch Rinses Clean


7. Klean Paws Indoor Dog Potty

Klean Paws Indoor PottyKlean Paws Indoor Potty The Klean Paws Indoor Dog Toilet is a great indoor dog toilet for smaller dogs and puppies.  Klean Paws helps keeps dogs paws dry by having a perforated plastic grate with an easy snap on tray that allows pee to fall down to the tray (or if you like a training pad or newspaper) underneath. There is little to clean since you just throw away the newspaper or pad after use and rinse the grate and tray when it is needed. It has a non-skid bottom so the toilet stays where you place it. It's a simple but effective potty for small dogs and puppies.

8. Fresh Patch Disposable Grass Dog Potty

Fresh Patch Disposable Dog ToiletFresh Patch Disposable Dog Toilet

Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty is an excellent indoor potty solution for several reasons. (You can read a great product review for Fresh Patch here.)  First, for those who would prefer not having to clean a potty, Fresh Patch is basically "no fuss and no muss". It comes in a pizza box type lined cardboard container that you simply throw out when a new one is needed. Second, Fresh Patch is made of real grass. It smells like grass and feels like grass because it IS real grass and dogs seem to really like it for doing their business. Third, this product is very highly rated by reviewers and it really works well for most people.

Fresh Patch has a grass with a special root system that better absorbs urine and odors. After one to three weeks of use depending on the size of your dog, all you have to do is discard the potty box and open up a new one.  One potty is usable for dogs up to 25 pounds. For larger dogs, you can put multiple mats together.

Doggie Lawn Potty In A BoxDoggie Lawn Potty In A Box

Another similar product is DoggieLawn Disposable Dog Potty Grass Litterbox.  It also uses fresh grass. You can compare costs and features best for you.The reviews are slightly better for the DoggieLawn but the Fresh Patch has an auto delivery service you can sign up for which makes it a bit more convenient.

Remember that with any dog toilet system, you will need to clean it out  religiously.  It is not realistic to think that  an animal can pee or poop inside a home and that it won't smell. But there are ways ways like adding water, baking soda, kitty litter or other things  to the collection trays or using newpaper liners, saran wrap liners or doggie liners to minimize mess and odors. Just be creative and flexible in finding ways to make cleaning out these toilets easier for you and your particular situation and you will find that  these doggie potties can make your life so much easier.  

These dog potties are great for all the various situations that prevent your dog from going outside for a walk or a run. But as you know, it is critical for your dog to get plenty of sun and exercise, just like you, so the dog potties should not be used in lieu of these activities. Additionally, if you can spare a few weeks at home to housebreak your new dog or puppy, I strongly suggest using a crate-training method instead of dog potty methods to potty train your dog. Here's a spot where you can learn a bit about crate training and how to potty train your puppy.

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 I agree 100% that crate

 I agree 100% that crate training is the way to go. But having had a dog who was finicky about going outside in bad weather, I can definitely see the benefit of something like this. It's certainly neater than using the puppy pad or newspaper options.


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