Fuzzy Nation's Trendy Dog Handbags Make Great Gifts For Girls & Teens

Dog lovers start young and so does a girl's desire to carry a purse for her precious possessions.  Fuzzy Nation, a new accessory design studio, creates adorable plushy dog hand-bags that combine practical purpose with the comforting support of a stuffed animal.

Some of the 30-plus collection of Fuzzy Nation's dog handbags are quite realistic (the "Puppy Contour Edition"); others are given more play with coats of wild fabrics.  But each bag is created from inside out, distinctive of the other.  Materials for straps, bag hardware, purse linings are all designed to enhance the image of the particular purse.

For example, here is the adorable Fuzzy Nation Wild West Poodle Purse.  




Why Wild West?  Take a look at the trim on the purse.... 



Inside, a silk purse lining in brown poodle-matching gold.



 And, the Wild West Poodle Dog gets has a neck charm of his own, the double bone-shaped cross logo in polished metal.



And Fuzzy Nation's not done yet!  Take a look at the "diamond" studded feet!



Now, check out the Fuzzy Nation Bull Terrier Puppy Purse, with it's unique personality, as expressed by a unique design...




The Bull Terrier puppy purse has a little "love me" heart on his "sleeve," reflecting the lovable nature of his breed.



And the Bull Terrier Dog Handbag has its distinctive leash-handle and silk purse lining.





I'd like to write about all of the unique Fuzzy Nation Dog Handbags, but .... not today.  Instead I'll share this Fuzzy Nation poster of some of the breed designs it has created.



The handbags generally retail at $45 to $60, but they are being offered now at $24.99 on sale at Amazon.com


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