Dogfish Head Beer Soap Company: Smell Like A Brewery All Day Long

The morning  after a long night of drinking, the memories of the alcohol consumed that night come back to haunt you as the creep out of your pores in an unpleasant sweat. If that weren't bad enough, you become more nauseous because that permeating smell doesn't do much to help a hangover. Bet you've never thought about replicating that experience, minus the alcohol; have you? Well, apparently you should because you can now thanks to one business.

Dogfish Head Beer SoapDogfish Head Beer Soap

Smell like you've been up drinking all night long at your very own brewery by purchasing soaps from Dogfish Head Beer Soap Company. You might normally be showering and scrubbing desperately the next morning to get rid of that brewery smell but if you're one who lives for the status that comes with it, you can get it without the hangover thanks to this unique business.

It is an actual brewery that makes this soap using many of the same ingredients as beer - so with that in mind, use this weird soap at your discretion when going to work. Your boss may not believe you next time you try to say that  you weren't sneaking in a beer on your lunch break.

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