Doggie Fountain Just The Thing For Those Dog Days Of Summer

Your dog's water dish can be a hassle during the summer months as it gets knocked over or filled with dirt, leaves, and bugs. It doesn't require putting in a doggie door to the bathroom so they can get to the toilet Doggie Fountain (You Tube Image)Doggie Fountain (You Tube Image)either. Just hook the Doggie Fountain up to your outdoor hose and your dog can stop by anytime for a quick guzzle with its muzzle.

Tony Lytle came up with the idea at the request of his daughter whose new dog would have to go without while she was at work -- that is once he knocked the bowl over. So Lytle went to work and created the Doggie Fountain. He has patented his designs and now sells the original and the second-generation, streamlined design. 

The fountain is made of sturdy metal and is rust-proof. All you need to do is hook it up to your hose, turn it Doggie Fountain (You Tube Image)Doggie Fountain (You Tube Image)on, adjust the flow, and you are ready to go -- almost. The one real bit of work you will have to do with this device is teaching your dog to step on the pedal to make the water flow. This can take a couple of days to accomplish, but once you have, the dog takes over.

Keeping fresh, clean water available to your dog when it needs a drink is essential to the dog's health to keep the kidney's flushing toxins out of the body. Moisture is also key to helping the dog stay cool in hot weather since the dog is dependent upon panting for cooling. Without enough water, panting becomes increasingly inefficient. While the Doggie Fountain looks like a lot of fun, it can also save your dog's life.

Keep peace in the family. Hook it up with a Y-shaped splitter and you won't have to argue over who gets to use the water. Or you could hook up a Slip 'n' Slide to the other side for the dog to play in to keep cool.

While the fountain is really just for drinking, dogs may also be tempted to play with it just for laughs. This would be especially true on a hot day when the water from the hose feels soooooo good.

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