Starwars Dog Choir Barks Another Winning Volkswagen Ad For Super Bowl 2012

One dog barking isn't enough for this year's Volkswagen Super Bowl spot.  Deutsch, LA, which produced the winning commercial for the 2011 Super Bowl, The Dark Side, featuring a mini Darth Vader and his dog, decided to make this year's stars a dozen barking dogs, moving its energy from The Dark Side to The Bark Side.

The Dark Side ad featured the Volkswagen's Passat, incidentally, and the 2012 Super Bowl Bark Side ad will feature the remodeled 2012 Beetle, but the Starwars chorus of barking dogs will not be incidental.  I think you'll find that Bark is even cuter than Dark....


The Barking Volkswagon Dogs: image via gigazine.netThe Barking Volkswagon Dogs: image via


Imagine a dozen canines forming a choir of Starwars theme barkers...  Well, you don't need to imagine it.  A teaser was released by Volkswagon on You Tube over the weekend...



The choir members truly get into character on the set too.  Get a load of these adorable dog costumes....


Volkswagon Super Bowl ad features Starwars 'characters': image via adage.comVolkswagon Super Bowl ad features Starwars 'characters': image via


CP30 Dog: image via usatody.netCP30 Dog: image via


Starwars' Chewbacca dog: image via gigazine.netStarwars' Chewbacca dog: image via


Wicket the Ewok: image via gigazine.netWicket the Ewok: image via


We may have to wait for February 5, 2012 to see who will be R2D2.  Perhaps, the Volkswagen Beetle, itself?

Steve sent me this tip from Gigazine; other sources include NPR, USA Today, and Autoblog

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