Dogs Livin' In The Lap-Lap-Lap Of Luxury With The Al Fresco Water Fountain


For those of you who want to water your dogs and cats in style, here's a sweet-looking modern water fountain that fills the bill with several other advantages besides its sleek, modern design....

Dogit Al Fresco Drinking FountainDogit Al Fresco Drinking Fountain

Al fresco, in its native Italian, actually refers to something that's been cooled, or chilled.  Something, say, from the refrigerator.  In the U.S., we use the phrase to mean 'in the fresh air,' or 'outside.'  In fact, the Dogit Al Fresco Water Fountain for pets fits both uses: it provides cooled water and it can be used outdoors (or indoors!).

The fountain operates by a pump that has an 8-foot cord, enabling a good stretch to your nearest electrical outlet. Great for multiple pets, the Al Fresco Fountain holds 338 fluid ounces and keeps it cool and fresh (al fresco!) as the water circulates.  As with most pet drinking fountains, the filter needs to be cleaned out regularly, especially because this filter is so efficient at removing debris from the water. All instructions are provided with each kit, so no need to worry about how to operate or clean the fountain.


Al Fresco Drinking Fountain for pets by DogitAl Fresco Drinking Fountain for pets by Dogit


About 11 inches high, the Al Fresco Fountain provides the soft. peaceful. gurgling backgound hum that makes us like to hang out around fountains.  There is also an LED light at the top of the fountain that provides a sweet night light for you and your pets.  In the summer, it's a lovely addition to the ambience of your back porch; in the winter, it will complement a modern or contemporary decor. 

The Al Fresco Fountain is lovely and functional. It's great for all pets who can comfortably reach 11 inches, which excludes only very small dogs and cats.  For other pets, it's a comfortable reach, and is even a beneficial height for elderly pets and those with arthritis, who may otherwise have to strain to reach a floor-level drinking bowl.

The only caution I would have is that in a very small number of cases, the materials used in the fountain may smell. Airing out the fountain from its packaging a few days before use then soaking it a few days with vinegar and water to soak up any manufacturing odors is recommended.

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