Dogstar Portable LED Searchlight Shines at RISCON Safety & Security Trade Show

Have light, will travel? With the Dogstar handheld portable LED searchlight blazing a 68,000 lumen trail, you'll go (or at least see) far indeed. Demonstrated at the 2012 RISCON Safety & Security Trade Show in Tokyo, this is one mean photonic bazooka!

Designed to resemble a military grenade launcher complete with non-slip shoulder grip and activation via trigger, the Dogstar's business end glows with the power 68,000 lumen. To put this into perspective, that's more than 30 times the brightness of a small tactical flashlight.

The Dogstar measures 563mm long by 132mm wide (22.52” x 5.28”) and weighs about 4.1 kg (9.04 lbs) including the rechargeable battery. When fully charged, the Dogstar can operate continually at maximize brightness for approximately 80 minutes.

An array of brilliant white LEDs (light-emitting diodes) act as the Dogstar's “bulb” but unlike traditional incandescent light bulbs there is very little heat produced when the searchlight is on. Rather, most of the source electrical power is converted into photons, drastically increasing the efficiency of the device while making it much more comfortable for the user. In the Dogstar, heat dissipation is enhanced via an aluminum heatsink visible through the case's open-work structure.

Though only a prototype at the moment, the Dogstar's manufacturer states it will eventually be released for retail and commercial sales at a yet undetermined date. Guess they're keeping us in the dark, heh.

Pricing is equally hazy but the aim is for a sticker under 1 million yen or $12,500. This puts the Dogstar squarely in the sights of governmental search & rescue agencies, public security forces and the military, and members of the One Percent. (via Gigazine and RISCON Tokyo)

Nov 8, 2012
by Anonymous

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