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Do-It-Yourself Gummi Insects Look Gross, Taste Great!

Tired of hearing your dinners taste like crap? Don't get mad, go with the flow and make them LOOK like like crap too! The new Gummi-X kit from Megahouse gives you all you need to make a variety of frighteningly tasty, fruit juicy insects you can then use to make Dung Beetle Desserts!

Check out this Japanese TV commercial for the Gummi-X kit - even the featured child actors look kinda grossed out as they eat the big, jiggly bugs:

The "mother center" gives you a base mold, mixing beakers for juice & gelatine, tweezers and a measuring spoon. The molds allow you to create 2 different beetles, pillbugs and crayfish. What, no mealworms?

We're not sure whose idea it was to pose one of the gummi beetles beside a cream puff just like a dung beetle with, erm, dung, but give that staffer a bonus - he or she has earned it!

You can get your very own Gummi-X edible insect kit from Amazon Japan for just 4,300 yen (just under $50.00), with expansion kits that include molds for a tree frog and another beetle going for 1,529 yen (about $17.00) each. (via Impress Watch

Update: You can also get through Amazon in the US here.

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Steve Levenstein

Feb 26, 2010
by Anonymous

eu eueueueueueuueu.................!

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