Doll No Mori: Intimate Relationship Rentals Of The Plastic Variety

Who needs to form real relationships based on common interests and connections when you can rent someone or something to fill just about any role in your life? We've seen rental people that are living, and while this next business creates an alternative with semi-functional organs, it beating heart definitely isn't one of them.


Japan does it right when it comes to obscure businesses, and I, for one, just can't get enough of them. That universal statement continues to apply with a concept called Doll No Mori (which translates to "Forest Of Dolls"). If you think that sounds like a creepy name, you'd be right. After all, they happen to provide sex doll rentals if you have a membership, so the name conveys the right idea. It's an exclusive club that's considered elite for a couple of simple reasons. Obviously, the exchange of money for sex isn't a new thing, nor is the use of other human-like aids for personal gratification. But sex dolls certainly aren't the leading sex toys on the market, and the way these dolls are made available certainly is out of the box since they're rented out by the hour.

We've seen other businesses like RENT-A-RELATIVE (now RENT-A -FRIEND) do the same basic thing that Doll No Mori is trying to accomplish - delivering services to fill roles typically reserved for humans that you have interpersonal relationships with. Why not? Apparently we're in the age of declining communication skills as many relationships are built digitally and lack authenticity with the lack of legitimate connection. 

A Professor from The Children's Digital Learning Center at The University of California conducted a study to determine if the use of smart phones and other similar devices poses a risk to the social skills of today's youth. The results demonstrated that children using screens for an average of 5 hours per day (the norm for adolescents and teenagers) were less emotionally intelligent than their peers. This is because facial expressions, body language, and other cues that convey emotion just aren't strong enough when the people interacting aren't in each other's physical presence. So, with electronic devices threatening interpersonal experiences, it comes as no surprise that a company like Doll No Mori would be appealing. Real can be a pretty scary thing, you know; so this service has its benefits.

A rented sex doll won't steal your wallet or a kidney after getting your rocks off, like hired "help" is known for (in the movies). It won't ask you if it looks good when its nude plastic is on display (because he's been going to Crossfit), knowing that there is no right way to respond. And, it definitely won't stay any longer than it's welcome thanks to the rental agreements.

Your doll will let you have your way with it, and then it will do the walk of shame at the arranged time - whether you've paid for an hour or 24. You can invite your companion back, or not, but either way you can rest assured that your secrets will never be uttered out loud; he or she just isn't capable. Literally. Even the business concept that send fake friends/family can't guarantee each of these things since they use actual people. So really, who could pass up a chance to have each of those perks instead of real, live human interaction? The competition between the options is definitely steep.

Of course, there's the whole slightly creepy factor, especially once you start imagining all the ways they could approach advertising.

Unlike the Child Love Dolls, the authenticity of this business has been verified by third parties, although their website is no longer active, and whether it's still in operation today is in question. However, as such an unusual business concept, it's still worth discussing!

(note: The author believes life is achieving personal happiness, and does not judge individuals for their sexual preferences. But from a business standpoint, you've gotta admit; this is a pretty unusual concept).

Via: TrendHunter