Dome Speakers Give Sound A Magnetic Aesthetic

A new speaker concept from designerMatej Korytar makes use of magnets to deliver the best in sleek, sexyaudio.

Matej Korytar’s new speaker designtakes advantage of the “less is more” mantra to deliver a soundexperience that is both robust and attractive, helping to make aspeaker set more than something a user wants to tuck away in a backcorner or slide discreetly into wall niches.

Whole-home audio systems are becomingmore and more common, along with high-end speaker system that areworks of art in themselves. Following this concept comes the sleekand simple design of the Dome Speakers, which use magnetism toaccomplish their aims.

The system is made up of satellitespeakers and a subwoofer, each of which comes with a perfectly levelplane to perch the device upon. In the case of the satellites, smallmagnets allow them to be attached to their bases and rotate in anydirection the user desires, as well as being able to angle up or downdepending on your sound listening preference. The bases themselvesalso have a circular magnetic surface, allowing for a greater rangeof mobility depending on where they are placed in a room.

Magnetic speakers: attractive.Magnetic speakers: attractive. 

The subwoofer, meanwhile, provides thereal meat of the magnetic system, hovering above its base on onlythree thin rods when it is turned on. Once the bass begins pumpingthe woofer will move up and down on the rods, never touching its basebut easily producing the bass.

By combining the desire for great soundwith a slick and sleek aesthetic, Korytar is making an excellenteffort at capturing a way to not only attract the sound crowd butthose who want their speaker system to be a complement to theirfurnishing and décor – a piece to be admired rather than simplyplayed.

Sure, the work hasn’t hit the marketyet, but we can see the attraction.

Source: Yanko