Dominos Delivers To Uncharted Territories: Extending Services To Beaches And Parks

The food delivery industry is a tough one; although we've seen some unique businesses that do offer food delivery services to more uncharted territories, most deny the convenience of food on demand to those without a fixed address to provide. One well-known delivery service is changing all that in hopes to transform the food service industry.

Dominos Beach DeliveryDominos Beach Delivery

Dominos Pizza now offers Dominos Delivery Points on the beaches and in the parks of the Netherlands, allowing hungry individuals enjoying to weather to have a tasty meal brought to them wherever they are. The Delivery Points feature the Dominos phone number, as well as a door bell to alert those who ordered the pizza when their meal has arrived.

Dominos Delivery PointsDominos Delivery Points

Dominos might not actually be the ones starting the trend; we've seen it before in Paris pizza stores that deliver to diners carrying a pink balloon, and even beach barbeques delivered on demand . However, Dominos is the largest chain we've seen so far reinvest the rules!

Oct 16, 2009
by Anonymous

System needs these to work

For Beach & park delievery they need

User celphone to Track
GPS Celphone by drivers.
Color of tent, RV etc.
Name etc.

Good idea, I dont see how it can work & theyd have to improve those kiosks for Beach etc use.

Needs more work & tinkering.

Below some Test sites:

Yosemite Natl Park CA
Zion Natl Park UT
HI Beaches
CA beaches?
FL beaches
Grand Canyon Park AZ
CA State parks.
Gettysburg Battlefield Park PA
Valley Forge PA.
for Testing system.

& super insulate those pizzas from Cold temps in winter for runs.

Issue 4X4 delievery trucks, Jeeps, etc with logo.

New uniform for drivers?