Domino's Pizza Japan's Moon Branch Project: 30 Light Years or it's Free!

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's... just another delivery for Domino's Pizza! Or at least it might be someday, if the Domino's Pizza Japan Moon Branch Project ever gets off the ground – and if company president & CEO Scott K. Oelkers is to be believed, that day will one day surely come. 

Look past the imitation static-y production values and background techno beeping and hear Scott lay it on the line: “Domino's Pizza Japan will be the first, before anyone else, to open a branch on the moon!”

The slightly over-the-top, faux-1960s video posted at the Domino's Japan website is long on fuzzy promises and short on specifics, though Domino's Japan plans to notify visitors to its website of its progress towards achieving the dream of delivering pizza on the moon. I think I've had that dream too, only Cheech & Chong were in it and I woke up really, really thirsty.

There's just one thing about Domino's Japan's lunar expansion plans that bothers me. Last time I checked, the moon was uninhabited so who (or what) exactly is Domino's going to be delivering pizza to? The monolith builders? The Nazi base on the far side? Those guys are lousy tippers, among other things, but they do love The Dominator. (via Gigazine)  

Aug 30, 2011
by Anonymous


Light years is a distance measurement not a your title makes no sense.

Aug 30, 2011
by Steve Levenstein
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(double facepalm)

"Light years is a distance measurement not a your title makes no sense."

Of course it makes no sense. It was a play on words referencing Domino's old slogan while keeping with the space theme. I'd elaborate further but typing while doing a double-facepalm is tougher than you think. Tongue out