Domo Toaster Gives Bread More Bite, Won't Harm Kittens

Can't get enough of Domo-kun, NHK Japan's lovable toothy mascot? Well guess what, your dreams have come true! Not only does the Domo Toaster brand an image of Domo-kun onto each and every slice of your morning toast, the toaster itself is styled to look just like Domo.

Some of you might be asking who or what is a “Domo”? The character was first introduced in late 1998 to help celebrate the tenth anniversary of NHK's satellite broadcasting service.

The fierce-looking plush mascot subsequently exploded into worldwide pop-culture consciousness via the internet when, in 2002, his image was used by a member of to create a fake PSA about the purported dire consequences of self-abuse. Silly to be sure, but what internet meme isn't?

Domo's burgeoning popularity can't be wholly ascribed to the internet: he's the star of Tokyopop's English-language “Domo: The Manga”, 5 video games for the Nintendo DSi, and is featured in “Planet Domo”, a social game on Facebook. With such wide and varied exposure, consumer goods commercialization was only a matter of time... and now is the time!

These days Domo-kun's unique and unforgettable image graces more products than you can shake a stick at. The Domo Toaster stands out from the crowd by virtue of its startling functionality: basically, it burns an image of Domo's face into your toast, english muffins, hamburger buns, waffles and more (though plain white toast provides the best template for optimum Domo visibility). Users can control the depth of contrast via a built-in continuously adjustable thermostat but you'd better get used to eating toast that's over-toasted in some areas and not toasted enough in others. A small sacrifice but hey, you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

The 1.5 pound, two-slice, automatic, retro-format Domo Toaster features a cool-touch ABS plastic housing in medium brown printed with Domo graphics. Functions include Heat, Defrost, and Quick-Stop with automatic or manual switch off. A removable crumb drawer makes cleaning quick and simple. The cable take-up is mounted on the toaster's base and the recommended power supply is 100-120 volts with a 700 watt maximum.

We can thank Pangea Brands for creating this marvelous machine and for offering us a reliable domestic source from which to purchase it. If you're a Domo fan with $39.99 and some bread to burn, go ahead and knock yourself out! (via Gigazine and OnePinkHippo) (Buy Domo Toaster here)

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