Domyos Decathlon Punching Bag Lights You Up

Firing lefts and right into a punching bag is great exercise and training, but it sure has a way of getting monotonous quickly. And unless you have a trainer grabbing the bag and yelling at you to stop punching like a sissy, it's easy to lose motivation.


The Domyos Decathlon interactive punching bag breathes new life into what's otherwise just a big, hanging sack. The punching bag includes an LED lighting system that makes for a jabbing version of Simon. It features 10 separate training regimens so that you can sharpen your skills while attempting to keep up with the lights. It's designed to help all aspects of punching including speed, power, endurance and skill. It'll even keep points, so you could forseeably have competitions with others to see who scores best. 

I see a lot of potential here. As is, the product takes makes punching a bag much more interactive and engaging. I'd love to see the product (and brand) enhanced with pre-programmed training regimens based upon amateur and professional fighters. For example, a program that encourages you to compete with the speed of Manny Pacquiao. Even if you don't stand a chance, it would be fun trying and could provide hours of exercise. I could also see a larger version--perhaps shaped like an actual person--for kickboxing. 

BornRich via UberGizmo