Don't Blink! These Weeping Angel Lights Can Kill!

This is one "choir" of angels you never want to meet. Doctor Who fans know what I mean. Of all the alien species that the extremely popular British television show has created, these angels may be the most terrifying. When you are looking at them they are classic statues of weeping angels. When you look away or close your eyes they attack. With these Weeping Angel String Lights you can add a touch of Whovian horror to Halloween or Christmas.

Doctor Who Weeping Angel String LightsDoctor Who Weeping Angel String Lights

The angels were created by Steven Moffat and have been key to several episodes. They have been considered some of the most popular and scary monsters presented on Doctor Who right from the start. These ancient aliens don't kill their victims. They feed on the time left in the lives of their victims by sending them into the past before they were born. These stories are just convincing enough that you feel like you never want to trust another statue again.

This string of ten lights consists of five weeping and five attacking angels. You can plug strings of these lights into one another to create an amazing display -- and possibly never be able to sleep again because you have to keep an eye on them. You can set the lights to blink, too. Perhaps if they are blinking then you can too.

Doctor Who Weeping Angel String LightsDoctor Who Weeping Angel String Lights

Deck those halls just for the holidays or year-round. This is officially licensed Doctor Who merchandise. Mix and match with other Dr. Who ornaments. The lights can be used indoors or outdoors.

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