Don’t Get Hacked, Get Cujo

The next wave of emotive-tech has arrived.

A team of inventors from Redondo Beach, California, have come up with an ingenious invention that will ensure you never get hacked again.

Called Cujo, the security device is ideal to keep your computer, laptop, and smartphone fully protected from hackers who lurk the internet seeking to steal your personal information.

Keep in mind that most security systems are not all fully-safe proof. Sure, we all purchase software that gives us that extra piece of mind, but traditional security only works 45 percent of the time. A staggering fact is that half the US population in 2014 who used the internet was hacked, and 70 percent of controlled devices still remain vulnerable to security threats. And, nearly 20 percent of Americans have been victims of identity theft on the internet over the last five years.

Cujo is a smart device that provides you with business level internet security, so all your devices are protected.

Cujo Is A Smart Security System

Cujo is simply one device that keeps your accounts, finances and privacy safe from criminals.

Cujo can detect threats and block hacks, viruses and malware. All you need to do is plug it in your router and this small, white colored device gets to work for you.

It protects smart things in your home: security cameras, alarm systems, thermostats, and smart-door locks. And it keeps your electronics secure as well: baby monitors, wearables, gaming systems and smart TVs. And Cujo is amazing for computers: desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Cujo also comes with a mobile app, so when you are away from home you can monitor your devices and remain in full control of your internet security. The app also lets you know through alerts when the Cujo team blocks threats.

So, how does Cujo work?

The device acts as a gateway between your devices and the internet. Cujo analyzes all the dating coming and going from your network, and threats are instantly discovered and blocked immediately before any damage can be done. Cujo works effectively as it constantly investigates data and its behavioral detection system quickly picks-up on potential threats from hackers and malware.

Cujo: Your Smart Home Defender

This device is ideal for anyone who wants to keep virtual intruders out of your home.

Sure, there are plenty of security and malware/virus protection programs, but none work as good as Cujo, according to its team of inventors.

While Cujo sounds like the next best thing on the security front, will hackers still find a way to access your computer, electronics and other smart-devices? Probably not – its inventors indicate that they will always seek new ways to upgrade the device so that they stay a few steps ahead of criminals, and those who create viruses.

This invention is great news for homeowners and small business owners who work from home. And of course it’s bad news for the hackers – and that’s a good thing.

The device, which includes service for one year, retails for $120.00.