Don't Let The Cat Out Of THIS Bag Until You've Finished Grooming Your Cat


Even cats that groom themselves can only do it to a point. They can't clean their ears, for example, or remove their shedding fur very easily. They can't give themselves medications or put bandages around their scrapes and, funny, for some reason, they don't like it very much when we try to administer to them. So, lucky for us, the folks at Downtown Pet Supply came up with this Cat Grooming Bag aka Cat Restraint Bag.


Cat Grooming Bag: by Downtown Pet SupplyCat Grooming Bag: by Downtown Pet Supply

Really, this Cat Grooming Bag is kind of cool, and very useful.  Notice it has handles, so you can carry your cat in it - say, to the vet, for example, or other places she may not care for.   As you can see below, the Cat Grooming Bag has zippered openings for your cat's rear legs and "hindquarters," and your vet can sneak right up one of them to give her shots without kitty scratching her eyes out.

 Cat Grooming Bag, perfect for a visit to the vet's officeCat Grooming Bag, perfect for a visit to the vet's office


Yes, there are zippered openings - three in the back and two in the front.  These are helpful if you are cleaning your cat's paws or clipping their claws, as you can take one paw out at a time. Now, of course you will still have to worry about your cat trying to bite you as you groom her paws, so the Cat Grooming Bag sold on Amazon includes a free Cat Muzzle, which I'm sure must be needed at times, but which would scare the heck out of my cat, for sure.


Cat MuzzleCat Muzzle


For those of you who bathe your cats, this sturdy polyester Cat Grooming Bag is waterproof and includes two large rubber mesh inserts to let water in and out of the Bag while bathing. Knowing how cats adore water, I'm sure this will come in handy.

Letting the cat out of this bag will not be difficult, I'm sure. But getting your cat into the bag might be another story.  Notice that none of the images above include a real live cat!  Some Amazon customers have tips for getting your cat in the bag like allowing him to play in the bag before actually using it to restrain him. Please write and let me know how this works.

Seriously, there are enough customer reviews of the Cat Grooming Bag that I know it can be done. As I wrote, you can purchase the Cat Grooming/Restraint Bag at that comes with a free Cat Muzzle.  Sizes are small, medium, and large.  Some customers say, however, that the bag runs small - check the measurements of the bag before ordering.  If you would like to purchase the Cat Muzzle separately, it is available here in a pack of three. Why do you suppose you'd need a pack of three?

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