Don't Let The Dark Stop You From Paddleboarding, Get NightSUP The LED Paddleboard

NightSUP LED PaddleboardsNightSUP LED Paddleboards

Paddleboarding is becoming an increasingly popular water sport and hobby. If you haven't tried it, you certainly should. And if you've discovered it and are looking for an added element of adventure, you should check out the NightSUP LED paddleboards. These glowing vessels allow you to traverse waters in the dark.

A few years ago, Tyler Knight and Dominic Olivio, a lifeguard/surfer team, started brainstorming ways to rent their paddleboard fleet after dark. What they came up with was the NightSUP LED system--essentially a LED lined paddleboard, that lights your watery path. 

Paddleboard With LightsPaddleboard With Lights

NightSUP isn't a specially made paddleboard. It's a system of LED lighting and waterproof batteries that can be installed into most rigid paddleboards and just about any kayak. The system won't work with soft-tops or inflatables.

Knight and Olivio worked with the U.S. Coastguard to develop the NightSUP technology. This patented system is embedded into the actual board or raft, as opposed to being installed onto the vessel. Since it is embedded, it reduces the amount of drag that extra components could add to a watercraft. 

Taking NightSUP OutTaking NightSUP Out

The NightSUP LED system works in clear and murky waters. In optimal conditions, the LED lights cast 40-50 foot light halo around your paddleboard or kayak. In murky waters, it is still effective, just less so, casting a 10-20 foot light halo around the board. 

You can find NightSUP LED paddleboards at a few different travel destinations. Most of the NightSUP touring locations are in Florida (four locations can be found in the sunshine state). There is also one in Delaware, one in Nevada, one in Missouri and one in Utah.

If you just want the NightSUP LED technology for yourself, you can also get a board custom made. Check out the NightSUP website for more product information, including how to order your own.