Don't Sacrifice Comfort For Style; Get Betabrand Pants

Betabrand Dress Yoga PantsBetabrand Dress Yoga Pants

If you're anything like myself, after a day of wearing dress or business casual clothing, all you want to do is get out of the monkey suit and slip into your comfy clothes. The people at Betabrand feel your pain as well. They've designed Dress Yoga Pants for women and Dress Sweatpants for men. 

Yoga Pants For Work And LeisureYoga Pants For Work And Leisure

Betabrand's Dress Yoga Pants are made of a stretchy rayon blend (65% rayon, 32% nylon and 3% spandex). They are available in black, gray, navy and taupe, and you can get them in either the straight leg or boot-cut variety. 

Just like regular dress pants, the Betabrand Dress Yoga Pants have belt loops and buttons. Not only are they super comfy, they're stylish. They look great with boots, flats or tennis shoes. You could even take your lunch break to a yoga class and not have to change (though I would recommend changing if you get too sweaty).

Betabrand Dress SweatpantsBetabrand Dress Sweatpants

Guys, don't worry. Betabrand has comfy dress pants for you as well--the Betabrand Dress Sweatpants. Some of the Dress Sweatpants are made of super soft French terry and some are made of Tagger fleece. They come in black, gray, brown and pinstripe. 

Wear Betabrand Sweats OutWear Betabrand Sweats Out

Wear these pants to work, dinner, a night on the town with the guys or at home on the couch. They're also perfect for travel. If you want to look nice on the plane, but also be comfortable, pick up some Betabrand Dress Sweats. And just like regular sweats, you can wash and dry them (no dry cleaning needed).

Betabrand is just about ready to mass production of these comfy alternatives to business casual dress. You can check out the Betabrand website for more information or to pre-order your own.