Don't Skip Leg Day: Work Your Calves With Calf Fit

Calf MuscleCalf Muscle

Seriously, don't skip leg day. If you're any kind of gym goer or fitness freak, you don't want to be the guy with the great arms and chicken legs. That's where Calf Fit comes in. If you're looking for impressive calves, or you want to improve your leg strength, this may be the in-home fitness product for you.

Just check out the picture above. Those are some nice calves, and you could get yours in that kind of shape with a machine similar to the one the fellow in the picture is using. Calf Fit is a portable, lightweight, user-friendly fitness device that allows you to strengthen your soleus muscles (calves). 

Calf FitCalf Fit

The calf muscles stabilize your ankles and feet, return blood to the heart and are recruited in plantar flexion (involved in walking, running and jumping). By strengthening your calves, you improve your ability to push yourself off the ground, which means you become a stronger runner and jumper. Not only do you improve your strength, but defined calves just look good. 

Back to the strength thing. Think about how many sports require you run and jump--pretty much all of them, right? So, the Calf Fit isn't just for the in-home fitness freak trying to get that great physique; it's for the basketball player looking to improve their vertical or the football player trying to cut milliseconds off their 40.

The Calf Fit would also be great for mothers-to-be. About 80% of pregnant women develop spider veins because of poor circulation. Remember when I said that the calf muscles are involved in circulation? Strengthening your calf muscles helps to improve circulation. 

Right now, Calf Fit hasn't hit the market. The makers of this device just completed a Kickstarter campaign, and they say on their Kickstarter page that they are ready for their first round of mass production. So, if this sounds like a fitness product that would interest you, keep your eyes open for it to be available for purchase soon.

Source: Calf Fit Kickstarter Page