Don’t Get Enough Nagging At Home? Use An Online Service To Motivate Your Weight Loss

Like many others, you may have committed to lose weight for your New Year's Resolution. And again, like many other, you may have traded the treadmill for a pint of ice cream, or your workout gear for your comfiest pair of PJs. Feel like the nagging you already receive from your spouse or family just doesn't motivate you to get back into a healthy routine? Now, a couple of progressive online services can help you by providing gentle or even forceful reminders.

Weight Nags is a very simple site that only requires prospective users to enter their email address and receive regular reminders It is free, and while it may be effective, you do get what you pay for. You cannot set the frequency of nags, or tailor the content to address your specific weight loss, exercise or diet goals.

Weight Nags' emails are humorous, with the potential to be offensive to the overly sensitive in nature. Upon entering my subscription information (for research purposes only, of course), it thanked me and then asked why I'm still sitting here, trying to encourage me by attacking my self esteem "Go. Is your tummy jiggling a bit? I bet your pants feel tight. Did you work out today?" The first email sent took the digs a little deeper, deciding to harass me about my assumed love for the buffet. While their hearts may be in the right place, a service that addresses my specific shortfalls might be more motivating, because I'm pretty good at hitting the buffets and exercising moderate eating.











Metaboinfo is a more comprehensive weight loss, nagging service that comes straight from the mouths of virtual wives. In order to find a wife that addresses their specific nagging needs, users can select a giggly maid, a cold business woman, a loving nurse, or a fashion minded nail artist which each bring a different perspective to their invasive duties based on personalities.

Metaboinfo is also a more goal oriented service, requiring that a user enter their vital statistics, including weight and measurements; and agree upon a diet and health plan to reach their weight loss goals. Nagging is based on the criteria set, and you guessed it, this is a service that comes at a fee. Unfortunately this service is only available for those who can weed through the Japanese content of the site, but we can only hope that a North American or English version will shortly follow.

The fitness and weight loss industry is expanding its trends to incorporate more modern ideologies. Consider the Wii Fit and customized personal training games that incorporate visual exercise programs combined with weight loss reminders. Or read "Bulldog Interactive Fitness: Combining Video Gaming With Exercise" or "Weight Loss For The New Year: Gyrotonic Fitness Studio".