Don't Get Rained Out On the 12th Hole: Bushnell FXi Weather Forecaster

More than most other sports, inclement weather can really spoil your day when playing golf. Standing there on a wide open green with a big metal club is certainly not the place to be when a summer-afternoon thunder shower rolls through. And sometimes you simply have no idea it was coming; just minutes before the sun was beaming down on your face.

Don't become a victim to sneaky, unpredictable weather. Much more accurate and complete than peering outside your office window, the Bushnell FXi Weather Forecaster, designed specifically for golf, keeps you updated on the latest weather using data from Simply plug the USB transmitter into your computer, select your five favorite courses from the database of 16000 and receive updated, course-specific weather information throughout the day.

Data includes three-day morning, afternoon and evening forecasts, high and low temps, chance of precipitation, UV index and wind speed and direction. Lightning alert is another key feature.

So when punch-out time rolls around, you'll have a full picture of what's ahead so you can plan your tee time accordingly, no more guessing, no more drenched runs back to the clubhouse. The FXi retails for around $125, which is kind of expensive because you could probably just keep track of the weather the old-fashioned way: by logging into

Via: Oh Gizmo!


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