Don't Just Sit There! Levitate With the Hoverit Lounger

Seems the days of mere lounging are quite passé - now it's hip to hover. UK-based design firm Hoverit has developed a levitating chaise called "The Lounger" which uses - you guessed it - the repelling force of magnets in the base and bed to float you into lounging heaven. Precision engineered and hand built, not only does this fantastic piece of work keep you afloat, but the magnets are purported to also aid in a number of different health ailments such as headaches, back pain and muscular issues, making this not only a stylish furniture choice but also a "practical" one.

ready for take-off?ready for take-off?

Each Hoverit lounger is made of clear acrylic, and comes equipped with an anti-scratch mat and castors at the base to allow for easy moving. I personally think it could use a pillow or two, along with flying capabilities.

Not yet in full production mode, this mother is bound to be pricey. Contact the designers for more information in achieving your own anti-gravitational heights.

Found via bornrich


Sarah O
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