Don't Kick Sand in This Artist's Face!

Jim Denevan is an artist that makes freehand drawings in the sand. He has spent up to 7 hours and 30 miles walking making one of his drawings. He doesn't use any kind of measuring device and draws the whole thing freehand.

From his site: "For a time these tangible specific places exist in the indeterminate environment of ocean shore. From high above the marks are seen as isolated phenomena, much like clouds, rivers or buildings. Soon after Jim's motions and marks are completed water moves over and through, leaving nothing."

Jim Denevan recently made the world's largest freehand drawing on a dry lake in Nevada. It was three mile across. Jim walked for eight days, about 100 miles to draw the pattern. The drawing was transient, as all of Jim's work is: "It was completely erased in a rainstorm the next week... It felt strange to work so hard and not see tide come in. But rains did come which is sort of the same thing."

World's Largest Freehand DrawingWorld's Largest Freehand Drawing

Jim's work reminds me of those crop circles. Come to think of it....maybe he's the one going around creating those things and here we are blaming it on aliens!

I admire his dedication and patience to create these beautiful works of art. With the kind of luck I have, if I made these, I'd probably get some beach bully trying to kick sand in my face. Then I'd have to go all kung-fu on him.

Many thanks to Jim Denevan!