Don't Let Your Martini Suffocate!


As a red wine drinker, I know that to fully experience its bouquet and taste, red wine should be poured into a wine decanter and left to sit for between one hour and two days, depending on its age, before it is tasted. A sit in the decanter with its wide base and narrow spout, allows a red wine to open up, to "breathe" the air, without allowing too much of the wine's essential characteristics to evaporate in the air. I did not know that aerating was important for white wines, champagne, and even martinis!

Eisch Glaskultur, a German crystal maker has devised a process for oxygenating its crystal and has created a line of glassware, called Superior Breathable, stemware that obviates the need for decanting. Your wine, in other words, can breathe right in the glass as if it were in a decanter, but in far less time. That goes for your red wine, white wine, martini, beer, highball, old fashioned, and several other drinks whose perfection I thought was already reached because they are served in distinctive glasses. In fact, Eisch's Superior Breathable collection contains18 different breathable glasses, some of which are available at and beverage stores.

The Superior Breathable is very moderately priced, comparing favorably to other mid-priced crystal. I have read that they really do seem to accomplish the aerating trick for some red wines; I'd be curious to know what the martini drinkers think!

See the full collection of Superior Breathable at Eisch Glaskultur.

via Wine Express