Don't Lose Your Head - The Skull Tidy Organizer

No matter how many apps we have, or how many gadgets are combined into one handheld tool, the "stuff of life" still seems to add up. By the time each day is done, pockets which were empty that morning are somehow stuffed with a treasure trove of coins, gum, pens, business cards, lighters, receipts and scribbled notes. Instead of tossing it on the kitchen counter to be lost or misplaced, store all of your daily junk in the Skull Tidy Organizer. Keep all your most important things in the back of your head, or at least, in the back of this guy's head.

Skull Tidy OrganizerSkull Tidy Organizer


This style of organizer is perfect if you have a slightly macabre sense of humor, or even an eccentric style of interior decorating. The dish in the back of the skull is large enough to hold a phone, keys, wallet, rings, and a number of other pocketed items that always end up destroyed in the laundry or lost in a black hole of clutter. This item may seem slightly old school, and the idea of a catch-all dish may not be revolutionary, but I certainly dig the style of this grinning deadhead. The anatomically correct structure of the face also creates a perfect spot to store your sunglasses safely, away from the constant scratching of keys, coins, and pets.


Skull Tidy OrganizerSkull Tidy Organizer


So what's the verdict? Is this a cool alternative to piles of junk on desks and endtables? Or does this slightly sinister accessory have too "niche" a market? Don't keep your opinions stored in your skull, let me know what you think!

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