Don't Miss A Minute Of Your Favorite Sports


At some point in the day every Monday and Thursday I wonder aloud whether my favorite ball club is playing that evening. Mondays and Thursdays are often off-days and since I don't have the schedule memorized, I'm not usually sure what day, if any, that my Yankees are off on any given week. If I happen to be near a Wi Fi connection at the time, this question is easily remedied. If not, I either miss half the game or rush home only to find some stupid documentary on.

Making the lives of us sports fans a bit easier to plan, the Game Time Schedule Watch comes preprogrammed with your team's full-season schedule so that you never have to question whether the game's on that evening. The watch displays upcoming games, locations and start times and even has an alarm that will alert you when the game is about to begin. It also displays the schedule for the sport at large, so you can find other must-see games. The only thing it lacks is a player schedule to help you find the best head-to-head match-ups, such as pitchers' duels, across the league.  

At first, I thought this watch would be a throw-away after one season, but you can actually update the watch with next season's schedule. The watch includes a USB connection for easy download. Updates aren't free, however, and will run about $10 a pop. Available for NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA and NASCAR.

Besides having the unique feature of sports schedules, the Game Time watch doesn't look half bad. Stainless steel case and team logo provide some style while Fine Citizen quartz movement keeps the trains running on time. Unfortunately, it's a bit late for Father's Day, but if you want one for yourself you'll find it at Amazon for around $70 to $100.

Via: Coolest Gadgets