Don’t Shed A Tear: Opt For Crying Eyeball Jewelry Instead

 Who knew tears could become the new trend in fashion accessories? While it may make an unusual fashion statement, a new trend in jewelry might make you cry based on its unusual location.

No longer do you have to shed a tear to get in on the latest accessory trend, although eyeball jewelry might make you cry both literally and figuratively. With the crying eyeball jewelry by Eric Klarenbeek, the strange accessories are worn directly on the eye to give the effect of crystallized tears.

In order to get the tear effect, the jewelry is affixed to a contact lens with an invisible wire. This design accessory started as an experiment, but after rave reviews, the designer is working towards gathering the necessary certificates to put the strange eyeball fashion accessories up for sale on his website in the near future!

Via: Daily Mail Online

Jun 14, 2009
by Anonymous

That looks like a really

That looks like a really quick way to get a contact yanked out. On the bright side, it'll be easier to find.

Aug 25, 2009
by Anonymous


Looks sort of like the thing that 15 year old emo kids with Mommy & Daddy's credit card might love.
Personally, I don't glorify crying--although I have to admit that the concept is neat.