Donut Burgers - By All That's Holey, Fast Food Gets A Sweet Makeover

Donut Burgers... they sound like Homer Simpson's dream food but they're real, albeit for a limited time only. The small, slider-style burgers (White Castle fans, you know what I'm talkin' about) are the product of an ongoing cross-promotional campaign by MOS Burger and Mister Donut in Japan.

You might expect the burger chain to offer donuts as a menu item but that would be too simple... instead they've gone to the trouble of creating a line of disc-shaped burgers with a rotating selection of toppings and sauces. The latter are dolloped into the patty's central hole - sweet!

MOS Burger is charging 320 yen for a single donut burger and 440 yen to double-up on the patty. Sounds great; a deeper hole to pour more sauce into. The toppings are generously proportioned with meaty slices of tomato as thick as the top bun!

The latest donut burgers, available from May 12, are called "MOS" and "Teri" - regular and teriyaki flavor. Both offer the option of adding a mild wasabi sauce to their respective donut holes. Yum! Now if only they could extend to partnership to include Duff beer. (via Gigazine)