Donut Hole Maker Creates Fast, Fresh and Non-Fried Morsels In Minutes


I previously reported on a countertop cupcake maker and on an individual pie maker.  I think that these kinds of non-essential kitchen gadgets catch my attention because I love the idea of being able to have fresh dessert at my fingertips.  I am a huge fan of dessert.  I can often be found in the kitchen after dinner whipping up some sort of sweet concoction.  While I actually enjoy conventional baking, having one of these little kitchen gadgets would make the process so much quicker and easier.



The newest device of this sort that I have come across is a Donut Hole Maker by Nostalgia Electrics.  This baby allows you to whip up seven tasty little morsels of donutty goodness at a time.  This is probably not enough to get you in too much trouble, unless you make and eat a few batches in a row; I would be likely to do so, but that’s just me.  At least they are not deep fried like the traditional variety.

If you like donuts with filling then you are in luck as the Donut Hole Maker also comes with a special injector for adding the filling of your choice.  Apparently you can even make mini cinnamon buns and puff pancakes with this appliance.  If you have more will power than I do then this could be a lot of fun.  You can get the Donut Hole Maker here.

Source: TorontoSun

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