Doodle Away the Day With Biro Art

Pickle FairyPickle Fairy

NobbyNobody is an artist that creates awesome drawings using just a ball point pen. In case you didn’t know, a biro is what the British call a ball point pen. 

Attila the BunAttila the Bun

For this artist, an average drawing takes four to eight hours. One of his drawings even took seven months to complete. He uses a Bic Crystal biro as his preferred method of tool, and he says that yes, his hand does get sore from time to time. 


He maps out the outline of the picture with a pencil before drawing with a biro. He never plans the image as a whole, and just kind of lets the picture evolve as he draws. 

Can It Be Milked?Can It Be Milked?

His inspiration comes in many forms such as from things he’s read or from what someone has said. He has also created his work based on suggestions from his friends at b3ta.

As for his day job, this artist works at a medical helpline and draws this art in his spare time.

Coon on the MoonCoon on the Moon

Lice CreamLice Cream

LoveCraft and Mr. Potato HeadLoveCraft and Mr. Potato Head

Zombie Santa ClausZombie Santa Claus

Zombie ValentineZombie Valentine


Spicy BrainsSpicy Brains

I think this art is freakishly awesome and I love the detail he puts into it. I used to draw this kind of weird stuff all the time until my mom found it and threw it out. I guess I’m not the only one that had these kinds of thoughts running through my head. Great minds think alike, right?

Please visit for more cool creepy art.

Aug 28, 2008
by Anonymous

Ball point pen

Laszlo Biro invented the ball point pen. He sold his patent in 1950 to Marcel Bich who owned the Bic company.

Aug 28, 2008
by Anonymous


awesome art.