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Doodle Duvet Gives Kids A Chance To Draw On The Bed


Do you have kids who are constantly drawing on things they aren’t supposed to draw on?  Are you getting sick of telling them over and over not to do that?  Instead of fighting it you can now go with it and get them a Doodle Duvet. 



This unique bedcover by Stitch designworks in the UK allows kids (or adults) to create their own room décor over and over.  The duvet, which is made of 200 thread count cotton, is printed to look like a giant sheet of lined paper.  It comes with an 8 pack of washable fabric markers.

Users can leave messages, draw pictures or just scribble mindlessly, as long as the doodling doesn’t carry over onto the walls that is.  Then the duvet cover can be tossed in the wash so that it is ready for when the next artistic inspiration hits.  Kids would probably love this because it would allow them the opportunity change the look of their rooms to suit their moods. You can find the Doodle Duvet at Amazon.

Source: Amazon

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Kim Patterson
Innovative Health, Beauty and Kid's Products