Doodle Jump: Watch What Really Happens When He Falls

Remember that video game for your iPhone or iPod Touch we reviewed earlier? You know, the one called Doodle Jump where your little yellow-green guy jumps non-stop on platforms to get as high up as possible?

(In case you missed our review, check it out here:  Go Jump, Jump, Jumpity Jump In The Doodle Jump iPod Game)

If you've already tried your hand at Doodle Jump, then chances are you've experienced a fall or two in your jumping exploits. I know I have. But what really happens when your doodler fails to land on a platform and begins the long trek down?

You might have noticed that once you fall, the platforms that you stepped on earlier seem to have disappeared. This video here shows you what happened:


This video was definitely worth a few Monday morning laughs. Hope this put a smile and chased away those Monday blues!