Doona Infant Car Seat. It's A Stroller Too.

There are car seats. There are strollers. There are contraptions that convert car seats into strollers. And there is Doona, an all in one infant car seat and stroller hybrid of awesomeness. Doona is the world’s first car seat with a built-in system for easy mobility. Translation: This rear facing car seat has wheels. This car seat turns into a stroller. This car seat just made life easier.

Made by Simple Parenting, Doona, like most infant car seats, snaps in and out of a base installed in your car. In a matter of seconds it goes from a certified safe car seat to a certified safe stroller.

When I first saw the wheels on the car seat, they seemed like a hindrance when in the folded position. Will this thing really fit into a car? Safely? But the wheels fold into a double wall structure, which adds an additional layer of side-impact protection. You can even position the carrying handle against the backseat of the car, allowing it to absorb impact in the event of an accident and reducing rebound injuries to your baby. And because Simple Parenting knows most car seat and stroller injuries are because of poor installation and improper use, they added some fail-safe features that add even more peace of mind.

Now that we know this magical car seat is safe, let’s talk about why it’s awesome. If you are a parent like me, it may be obvious. If you’re not a parent, let me explain. Car seats are heavy. Car seats are even heavier when your baby is strapped into them, which is the optimal way to use a car seat. When your baby is little and when you are out and about, it’s easiest to leave your baby in their seat, especially if they have fallen asleep and you just need to run into the store for a few groceries. Never wake a sleeping baby. And if that sleeping baby wakes up, you will find yourself swinging that heavy car seat to keep them from hitting levels of unhappiness that makes you and those around you unhappy.

A car seat on wheels solves a lot of problems. You sweat less. You have somewhere to put your coffee. You smile more. There are car seats that can be converted to strollers by snapping them into frames on wheels, but Doona saves you some trunk space by having its stroller built-in. And you can buy all of the accessories that you can get with other strollers. From clip-on storage to rain covers and shade extenders, your baby could live in this thing! But I don’t recommend it.

Doona Accessories OptionsDoona Accessories Options

Did I mention how pretty it is?

When we had just one kid, my partner and I used to travel. Now that we have twins, the idea of going anywhere that needs air travel makes me shudder. Doona would certainly make an airplane ride easier, though. We wouldn’t need to check a double stroller or two individual strollers at the gate and then carry two car seats onto the plane. And we wouldn’t need the mule to help us carry it all. When in stroller mode, Doona is narrow enough to wheel down an airplane aisle. It can then be folded and placed in the seat.

So why don’t I have one? Because my babies have boring and heavy car seats of yesteryear, and I’m not going to spend the money on new car seats. But if I had to do it all over again, Doona would be on my list of must-have baby gear. Babies need car seats. Parents need strollers. Doona gives you both. You can find Doona at many retailers carrying baby products including Amazon here.

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