Doritos Avocado Cheese Tortilla Chips: Only Japan Hass 'Em

Yo dawg, I heard you dig dippin' Doritos into guacamole dip so I got you some Doritos Avocado Cheese chips from Japan so you can dip guacamole chips into guacamole dip! But not until October 28th, the official release date, and not after February 28th of 2014 when they'll be discontinued.

Now that we've got the obligatory Xzibit meme out of the way, let's take a closer look at the newest pimped-out chips from Doritos Japan: Avocado Cheese. Let's also remind all the food snobs out there that cherished family heirloom recipes aside, true guacamole does NOT contain cream cheese and espousing such heresy on teh intarnets will likely invite mockery, abuse or worse onto said espouser's virtual head.

Frito-Lay Japan gets a pass on Avocado Cheese Doritos because not only are they located in Japan, Avocado Cheese Doritos will only be made available domestically. Thus, the bag's odd image of a bowl of avocado wedges nestled cheek-by-jowl with cubes of what is assumed to be some sort of extra-firm cream cheese (maybe it's Venezuelan Beaver Cheese) won't offend potential purchasers who would otherwise gag at the sight.

Speaking of potential purchasers, did you know that avocados and foodstuffs made from them are consumed far more on Super Bowl Sunday and Cinco de Mayo than any other days of the year in the United States? Wouldn't this be the perfect marketing opportunity for, say, an Avocado and Cheese flavored tortilla snack chip? Yes, yes it would, but Frito-Lay Japan cares not. It would seem there's more than enough demand in Japan alone to justify such a product. Who knew?

Get your Avocado Cheese Doritos while they're hot, which would be between October 28th of 2013 and February 28th of 2014 and only if you're in Japan. After cracking open each attractive 63gm (2.222222etc oz) bag, be good enough to follow Frito-Lay Japan's advice and “Please enjoy the creamy taste.”

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