Doritos Puts On A Japanese Accent With Sesame Oil Seaweed Flavor Corn Chips

Doritos Sesame Oil Seaweed is a very different take on the classic corn chips usually flavored with chili pepper powder, cheese or both. Credit sesame oil manufacturer Kadoya Sesame Mills, Inc. with this interesting marketing gambit and kudos to Frito Lay Japan with going along with it, albeit for a limited time only.

You might not think sesame oil and seaweed are the perfect flavor foils for crispy corn tortilla chips but you know what? What you think doesn't matter: Frito Lay Japan rolls out up to 10 different Doritos flavors annually and it's a cinch some of those are WAY more bizarre.

But we digress. The original Japanese release date for Doritos Sesame Oil Seaweed corn chips was May 13th, 2013 so they've been out for a while – no telling on how well they're selling.

Be aware that the 75gm (2.645oz) packets of chips are to be discontinued on August 31st, however, so if you're into the unique taste combination of corn, seaweed and sesame oil you'll want to sock a few cases away for your future weird snacking needs.

How do you do that? Simple: those in Japan right now can make like Elaine Benes on a panicky sponge-hunt and those who aren't can order them in on a massive scale via White Rabbit Express. Shut up and take my money?