Dorm2Dorm’s Convenient Moving and Storage Solutions for Students

Dorm2Dorm is a smart business that solves a common problem, by providing storage, moving, cleaning and packing services for students during scheduled hiatuses from college.

As many colleges are nearing their second semester, students preparing to face a term abroad or simply taking some time off from their studies before returning to school again are faced with a dilemma. What to do with their belongings that currently reside in the dorm room or bachelor apartment? Taking the effort to move and store items that won't be required while away, only to have to reverse the process seems fruitless. Dorm 2 Dorm helps students ease the pain.

Dorm2Dorm's basic storage services begin with the delivery of all the boxes and packing materials required, so students can get their gear packed and organized. The hassle of moving is then obliterated, because when the time comes they will return to pick up the boxes for storage in their secure facilities AND will drop them off again once school resumes, even if the young consumer has moved. If however, the owner of the boxes has decided to transfer to a different educational abode or has moved to a different city, shipping through UPS can also be arranged.

Since it can be overwhelming for students to determine just how many boxes they will need stored (or account for other odd items that cannot be packed), Dorm2Dorm provides a handy ‘Typical Student' page to estimate charges at about $80 per month. To alleviate some of the charges; since all students could benefit from saving a buck, they also offer an immediate 5% discount plus additional kickbacks for referring fellow studious types to them.

Dorm2Dorm's services don't stop at packing and storage, they have truck rentals, professional movers, leasing of furniture and electronics, and my personal favorite; the maid service. Not to buy into the stereotype, but most students could use a little help in the cleaning department, especially when faced with the daunting task of moving. And, at $20 for dorm room or small apartment, why not?

Dorm2Dorm describes their business idea as "a simple concept with staggering results", and go on to say it for me; that the simple are often the most successful. Convenient solutions are always appreciated by consumers, especially when the target market is students.

If you're looking for a simple, sound investment, franchise opportunities are available, or figure out a business plan to make the lives of the up-and-coming generation a little bit easier.