Dot Matrix Toasters: Digital Toast By Zuse!

Zuse’s Dot Matrix Toaster is an amazing innovative kitchen appliance, which may have been inspired by those annoying strips of paper with holes that always accompanied the dot-matrix printing process. Whether or not this is true, the Zuse Dot Matrix Toaster works via a stored memory chip that actually toasts an image on your bread!

Zuse Dot Matrix ToasterZuse Dot Matrix Toaster


How does the Zuse Dot Matrix Toaster work?

When a slice of bread is placed inside the Zuse Dot Matrix Toaster, technological magic happens! An optical sensor recognizes the slice of bread as exactly that and triggers a printing/toasting mechanism on this unique toaster from Austria’s Inseq Design Company . The Zuse Dot Matrix Toaster actually prints toast, but not to worry. There’s not ink involved to taint the taste of the toast. Still one can only wonder about the results.

What does toast made from the Zuse Dot Matrix Toaster taste like?

The quality of toast produced by the Zuse Dot Matrix Toaster is a matter that is open to debate. All we really know is that the Zuse toasts bread at 12 by 12 pixel resolution. Zuse custom toasts for its patrons and provides a fresh start to every day by drawing from its collection of images encoded in its memory chip. If the Zuse Dot Matrix Toaster develops amnesia or even minimal memory loss, results could be disastrous. There is no need, however, to be pessimistic about the Zuse Dot Matrix Toaster.
According to Charles Eames of Inseq Design, as far as the Zuse Dot Matrix Toaster is concerned, “the details are not the details. They make the design.”

I am not sure what that means, but I would like to ponder the matter while enjoying my very first piece of toast made from a dot matrix printer!

Go figure.