Double Cell Phone Catches Rays To Run

From design house ZTE Corporation comes the Double Cell phone, a solar-cell using design that lets you talk as long as the sun is up and store that power for use overnight.


Seemingly everyone has a cell phone these days, and is intent on using it as much as possible. From talking while driving, texting while at work or simply surfing the Internet while doing just about any imagined human activity, we’re a cell phone culture that just can’t get enough juice for our jabber.


Many cell users complain about the lack of battery life their favorite phone gets, and now the ZTC Corporation has come up with a way to make sure a phone never runs out of power. Their new “Double Phone” concept – a Red Dot Concept Design winner – features not only solar cells lining one side of the phone but a middle hinge that lets the phone fully flip in either direction.

Double Phone: seeking the sun.Double Phone: seeking the sun.


The phone packs in a 3.2” screen, touch interface and transparent panel, enough to stack it up against some of the fancier offerings on the market, but the big selling point here is that it will need almost no charging. When the sun is up, the phone will not only work but be charging itself, and when the sun goes down the stored charge will be used to keep up the gift of gab.


So far, the Double Phone is concept rather than commercial, but we can see the sun shining favorably on this one.

Source: Yanko