Doubled Barreled Marshmallow Crossbow Makes For Sweet In-Home Combat

Kids love to shoot stuff, and often shoot it at each other. In an effort to keep things safe and home-friendly but with a distinct touch of cool, the Double Barreled Marshmallow Crossbow is one way parents can let kids have it out and still limit cleanups and trips to the hospital.

Sure, there are Nerf guns and foam disc shooters on the market, but eating the other guy's ammo isn't really a viable way to put an end to the fight, unless you really are committed to that trip to the hospital. Instead of such foamy and tasteless pursuits, a new battle option is available in the form of the Double Barreled Marshmallow Crossbow from Hammacher Schlemmer, a safe and yummy way to establish dominance over the bedroom, hallway or kitchen.

With the ability to store 25 mini marshmallows per barrel and shoot them up to 30 feet, the Double Barreled Marshmallow crossbow is perfect for rapid-fire deployment even down a long hallway or from the top of the stairs. To use the crossbow, a child simply has to pull back the string and air will be compressed in the firing chamber, launching two of the marshmallows forward and out. With no reset time, kids can pull, pull, pull to their heart's content, enjoying the showers of marshmallows that go zipping their enemy's way.

Parents can enjoy the fact that no only are the 'mallows harmless but that most of the ammo will get eaten by the time that battle is over. If not, clean up is easy and a missed marshmallow will simply become a hard sugary nugget easily found the next time a vacuum is run over the area.

Both of the marshmallow tubes can be cleaned in the dishwasher and the bow itself looks great, with cool red and blue coloring in combination with a souped-up crossbow feel.

For $21.95, this is one double-barreled piece of awesome that you may not want to pass up. All things considered, its a very mallow way to wage war.

Source: Hammacher Schlemmer