Doughnut To-Go Keeps Sweet Snacks Safe & Secure

Hot on the slippery heels of the Banana Bunker comes Doughnut To-Go, the cool carrying case that keeps your sweet snack safe from others' appetite attacks.

What, you think Doughnut Theft isn't a legitimate concern? It most certainly is - in Japan, anyway. Doughnut To-Go is being advertised with the tag line "Finally... Your Doughnut will be Kept Safe." Praise the Lord and pass me a napkin!

The manufacturer also states that with the Doughnut To-Go, "you can always go anywhere you want with your favorite doughnut in your hand," just like Homer Simpson. Well, not EXACTLY like Homer, his fave doughnut is in his actual hand without the benefit of a case (and not for long, at that). Doughnut To-Go provides a cute, cozy & colorful compartment so your hands stay clean while your doughnut stays safe. Amazing how we had to wait 'til the 21st century for something like this to come along.

Let's take a closer look at this latest wonder of Japanese over-engineering that's so much more than a generic plastic clamshell:

* First off, the Made-In-Japan polypropylene case is microwavable so you can enjoy that just-baked Krispy Kreme aroma hours after you've left the store.

 * Next, there are 23 holes - not 22 or 24 mind you - that provide ventilation. Betcha didn't know doughnuts need ventilation; I sure didn't.

* The case comes with a molded-in carrying handle that also provides a place to affix a name label "to make sure everybody knows this is yours". Oh, I think they'll know, chubs.

 * Last but not least, and truth be told this is my favorite feature, I give you the Doughnut To-Go Security Lock Hole. As can be seen in the image, it's a grommet that provides a place to snap a padlock, because sure as shootin' that wimpy name tag isn't going to stop a determined snack-aholic from liberating your precious pastry from the fridge at the nuclear plant. Lock & load, baby! Er, lock not included.


The Doughnut To-Go comes in your choice of 4 colorfast colors: simple and classic Puppy White, bright and pretty Bunny Pink, retro and gentle Pony Brown, or unique and vivid Frog Green.

The case is constructed from two snap-together panels so if you buy two different colors, you can mix & match the panels. See, the fun starts before you even get to the doughnut store! Or to quote the manufacturer once again, "You can enjoy Doughnut To-Go in so many different ways, it will literally add new passion and appreciation towards doughnuts!" Can that even be possible??

Potential buyers should be aware that the Doughnut To-Go has been rigorously tested by sugar-shocked researchers to meet the 102mm (4.08 inch) diameter world-standard for doughnuts. Yes indeed, it's Compatible With Most Regular Doughnuts!

As long as you don't try to slip in a filled (hole-less) doughnut, that is. Just to be sure, we recommend you measure your chosen doughnut at the shop before purchasing - I, for one, can't wait to see how that goes down.

You can order your very own Doughnut To-Go direct from Rakuten Global Market and an instruction manual is included. Seriously. It's in Japanese (boo!) but it's shaped like a doughnut (yay!). Need yet more info? Still confused on how the Doughnut To-Go works and when to use it? Check out this in-house, 4-minute long video: