Dr. Dre Releases Own Pair Of Headphones

Celebrities are known to produce and design their own clothing and fashion accessories, but can their charm and good looks help them create electronics?

Source: Crunch Gear

In this case, yes, as famous hip hop musician Dr. Dre has created his own pair of headphones. Released under the company Monster, the Beats headphones are supposedly designed to “reproduce the entire spectrum of music”. The statement could be a little too much, but do take note that the product was in development for three years.

The powered isolation headphones provide the same sound you’d hear with a studio set, except it features new technology. The advancements in headphones create a clean, natural sound and a deep bass (perfect for fans of the musician).

The Beats headphones certainly look stylish, but may be a bit large for the everyday iPod user. Since it comes at a hefty price (approximately US $349), there might not be much of a demand for the product. But that doesn’t mean people won’t buy it as fans and the like love the items celebrities release or represent.  

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