Dr. Mom Will Love No-Touch Temperature Taking

Sensitive babies don’t have to worry about being sick any longer, now that the Thermofocus 5-in1 Infrared Thermometer® has been invented.

If you have a little one who is ultra sensitive to touch and is even more prone to tears when he/she isn’t feeling well, an infrared thermometer may be a great investment. It takes accurate body temperature without ever touching baby’s skin, and you aim the light directly at the forehead, eliminating any invasive journeys down toward diaper territory!

Bring The Comfort Of Healing Without Uncomfortable TouchBring The Comfort Of Healing Without Uncomfortable Touch

Now you can take your baby’s temperature while he/she sleeps, and when you have had issues with soothing a fussy child, that can make a world of difference.

The thermometer can also be used to gauge the temperature of your baby’s bath or formula, and it can even help to regulate the temperature of the nursery itself. Fairly affordable at around $80, the battery powered thermometer is good for approximately 10,000 readings before it requires a fresh charge. Since it doesn’t touch the skin, it is also more hygienic, leaving you less cleaning time and more of a chance to properly care for your ailing child.

Infrared Technology In Baby-Friendly FormInfrared Technology In Baby-Friendly Form

You can purchase the thermometer through the website Kidzmed , where you will also receive free shipping, and more importantly – total peace of mind.(Buy here )

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