Draganflyer X6: A Camera Platform That 007 Would Love

Really cool gadgets make me feel like a kid again.  In the course of writing this Blog I've covered such items as camera neckties, shark shaped submarines, bugging devices, and more.

But this thing is one of the coolest gadgets ever:

This is the Draganflyer X6, a remote controlled miniature helicopter that has a wide variety of applications.  Essentially, it's designed as a flying camera platform.  It can be customized to hold multiple camera configurations, both still and video.  And the shots this thing can get are impressive.

An easy to use handheld controller allows the user to pilot the X6 with two joysticks.  Real time telemetry is sent to the controller and displayed on a small screen (complete with touch-screen buttons) located between the joysticks.

This device also allows GPS hold and camera control (including shutter speed, tilt, and zoom controls).

The "pilot" can actually view what the X6 is seeing via a signal from the mini-copter to video glasses.  This allows for very accurate flying.  The fact that the X6 utilizes 11 sensors and an insane amount of code to remain stable doesn't hurt either.

Using a flying camera of this nature would drastically increase production values of any motion picture, allowing for some crazy travelling shots that could start way up in the air and propel through tunnels and other structures.

But the Draganfly X6 is more than just a mobile camera platform.  As with any really good invention, this little whopper can be used for different purposes in different industries.

Some uses include aerial surveying for construction sites, cost-effective security reconnaissance, and aerial archeological and environmental assessment.

In short, the Draganfly X6 is quite versatile.  It is able to provide photography from locations and angles that would be potentially dangerous in a manned vehicle; shots that were only capable via Tyler Mounts or the Aerocam-two helicopter mounted camera platforms that are operated by an onboard photographer/videographer.  And the X6 is much smaller than a regular helicopter, allowing it to maneuver into tighter spaces than its larger, manned cousins can.

The only downside I've been able to find is the flight time: you only get around 20 minutes of airborne use before recharging is necessary.

So, the next time you're at the movies and you see a wild tracking shot that seems impossible, it's probably due to the use of the Draganfly X6.

And it's only a matter of time before James Bond uses this thing to do a recon of SPECTRE's secret island headquarters...

You can take a closer look at and buy the Draganfly X6 here.

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SOURCE: Draganfly Innovations, Inc.


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