Draw Your Imagination Into Thin Air With 3Doodler, The World's First 3D Pen

InventorSpot writer, Laurie Kay Olson, introduced you to 3Doodler, the world’s first 3D doodle pen, while it was in its infancy on Kickstarter. It is now all grown up and ready for purchase. Whether you want to trace an image or draw something out of your imagination and into thin air, 3Doodler will let your doodles become tangible works of art.

Created by Wobble Works, 3Doodler works like a pen combined with a hot glue gun. Using either PLA or ABS plastics, the 3D doodle pen heats up strands of colored plastic as it is drawn from the pen and onto paper or into air. The plastic is warm to the touch but cools quickly to allow for 3D art.

You can make jewelry, magnets, or more ambitious projects like a clock or cell phone case. You can. Not me. I would make a mess. A big, fat, 3D mess. The 3Doodler may feel like child’s play, but is meant for ages 14 and up.

Each 3Doodler comes with 50 ten inch strands of your choice of PLA or ABS plastic. ABS is what you find in most plastic products, and PLA is a biodegradable plastic made from corn. Each foot of plastic creates about 11 feet of doodles. If you’re worried about finding the perfect color pallet for your creation, no need. There wasn’t a color I couldn’t find. From Winter Wonderland to Clearly Awesome color themed plastic packs, my mess will be clearly awful, but colorful.

You can also accessorize your 3Doodler by purchasing a stand, foot pedal, or six piece nozzle set of different shapes. And if you need inspiration, the 3Doodler website offers how-to videos, project suggestions, and stencils. There is also a gallery of projects made by people with more patience and talent than I have. I can barely decorate a cake with those fancy cake tips. And I could never adequately use a bottle of puffy paint on a t-shirt while getting into the spirit of things while in high school. Remember those days? Yeah, I’ve blocked them out too.

The 3Doodler 3D printing pen is not for me, but it might be perfect for you or your young artist. And it’s a cheaper option than a 3D printer. Artists are even finding a way to sell their 3Doodler creations on Etsy. So go for it. Take your ideas and creativity to new dimensions with the world’s first 3D pen. 3Doodler will let you draw your imagination into thin air.

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