Draw A Crowd By Changing Up Baby's Grill

Some parents have a great sense of humor when it comes to their babies….others have people in their life willing to jab them. This has never been truer than with prank pacifiers – fully functioning binkies with an exceptionally silly look.

They started to appear at Halloween stores, but now these silly suckers are available year round thanks to both their level of popularity and the wonder of the Internet. With over 15 designs available on various websites, below are just a few of my personal favorites fro funny baby pacifiers:

You may not live in a low end trailer park, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with baby’s look occasionally. Maybe you know someone throwing a white trash party, or maybe you just want the chance to be silly…either way, the buck teeth pacifier is one that is sure to get giggles from friends and family. (Buy here.)

Buck Teeth BabyBuck Teeth Baby

Baby will happily munch on this fully functioning pacifier, while observers will be amused by its oversized lips and awkward front teeth. Also known as the “Billy Bob” pacifier, this isn’t a gag that needs to wait till October. Many parents are sick of the sweet and sugary persona of the newborn – so why not mix it up and have some fun? 

Vampire Bite Baby Pacifier

Another one that is usually popular around Halloween, you can use the Vampire Bite pacifier year round to freak out grandma or a new baby sitter. Again, like the Buck Teeth, the pacifier is still comfortable and soothing for baby, but will crack up a crowd with its well-pronounced fangs and red lips. (Buy here)

Baby Vampire ThreatBaby Vampire Threat

T-Rex Attack Baby Pacifier

Sick of strangers mistaking your little boy for a girl? There is nothing more ferocious and “manly” than a pacifier modeled after the most famous of dinosaurs. With a reptile texture and a menacing look, a T-Rex snarl is the perfect gender identification – or at the very least a great way to get a reputation as that kooky couple with the new baby. (Buy here)

T-Rex Baby PacifierT-Rex Baby Pacifier

Mute Button Baby Pacifier

So many parents turn to pacifiers to take a break from tears and fuss, so what better way to express that to childless friends and seasoned parents with the Mute Button pacifier? Simple in its design, this sleek white pacifier tells it like it is. (Buy here )

Shush Up, Kid!Shush Up, Kid!

Many of these pacifiers are available on websites such as FunIdeas.com  or Amazon . You can also find them at select costume shops or by performing a simple google search. Who said binkies were invented to only amuse baby? Now it is the parents’ turn to find comfort in some fun.

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Apr 20, 2008
by LoveInventions
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Love the mute button

thanks that put a smile on my face