Draw Sculptures With This New 3D Pen

Say you have an idea, whether it is for a building, a piece of jewelry, or a tool. It looks good on paper, but how will it look when it is 3-dimensional? Sure, you could use a 3D printer -- if you can afford the expense Pen Drawing in 3D (You Tube Image)Pen Drawing in 3D (You Tube Image)and have the specific technical knowledge to use one. Most of us don't have the money or the knowledge. All of us do know how to use a pen though. Soon you will be able to use that ability to test your own 3D designs, or even make your own 3D creations. The 3Doodler is a 3D printing pen that allows you to draw in the air.

This amazing pen is from WobbleWorks, LLC, a toy company. Seeking $30,000 in initial funding the company put the project up on Kickstarter.com on February 13, 2013. The idea of the 3D pen is obviously striking a chord with investors because in just over two weeks the project has been given nearly two million dollars in funding. The project is still open for funding for another 24 days.

3D Eiffel Tower Drawn by 3Doodler (You Tube Image)3D Eiffel Tower Drawn by 3Doodler (You Tube Image)The pen works by heating and extruding plastic that cools quickly into a strong, stable structure. It uses the same ABS plastic used by 3D printers. You can draw your idea in air, or you can draw it on paper, peel it off and then assemble. The 3Doodler can also be used to assemble those parts. It requires no software or computers -- you just plug it in and away you and your imagination go. 

There are many possibilities for the use of the 3Doodler. In addition to making shapes and models it can be used to make jewelry, ornaments, art, even a case for your iPhone. Wherever your creativity can go, the 3Doodler can go too.

Once 3Doodler gets going, the company has plans for add-ons and accessories to continue making the product even more cool and fun. The creators of the pen see a lot of possibilities down the line -- perhaps even a 3D pen that extrudes chocolate, sugar, or toffee. Maybe.

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