The Dream Job: Human Bed Warmers Employed At Popular Hotels

There are many out there who wish they didn't have to get out of bed every day to go to work. That doesn't do much by way of earning an income - but wouldn't it be a dream job if you could get paid to climb in bed every day.

Bed WarmersBed Warmers

Okay, so there might be some that do that already, and in hotels to boot; but we're not talking about the unscrupulous opportunities here. Human bed warmers are what I'm referred to and that's a new job opportunity created by Holiday Inn chains.

The job of these individuals is to pre-warm the beds of patrons with their body heat before they climb in themselves. It's a by-request service naturally, since some might not be so comfortable with the concept of a stranger in their bed. But for those who want it, some lucky staff member at a Holiday Inn will hope into their fleece pyjamas and get the bed to an ideal 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

How's that for a dream job?

Via: Consumerist  , Image Via: Flickr Creative Commons

Jan 30, 2010
by Anonymous


I'm sorry but i think that that's a disgusting crazy idea.But i'm guessing some people are appreciating it