Dreambox: 3D Printer Vending Machine

I don't know about you, but 3D printing is one of those technological developments that I just can't quite wrap my head around. Don't get me wrong, I follow the concept, I just have a hard time accepting that 3D printing has become a thing while we're still driving vehicles that stay on the ground. At least at this stage, 3D printing isn't a fixture in every home (so I've got time to come to terms with the whole thing); but there is a business aiming to make it more accessible to the masses.

As if 3D printing isn't mind blowing enough on its own, a unique vending machine called DreamBox now exists which brings 3D printing to those that can't afford devices of their own. 

DreamBox is a really cool vending machine concept, not only because of what it creates, but also because of its mobile-based options. You can print from a series of existing designs or import your own, which can be done remotely.  The system then locates the most conveniently located DreamBox near your location, and begins production of your design. For convenience, it doesn't require that you hang around, as it sends a text when your 3D item has been completed.

It's still in its early stages at this point, but they are providing quotes and starting to take orders; though they do intend to further streamline the process in the future. 

This is a super cool development because frankly, when there's a vending machine involved, the coolness factor of any product or service is increased ten-fold. Though, surely we'll see far more of the 3D printing trend, which was initially began int he 80's, according to Mashable. But, it's only been in more recent years that 3D printers have become a well-known technology, with both businesses and private homes having ownership of them. The fact that more affordable models have made this a possibility; the cost of 3D printers starts at $1,000, but they can also run you $60,000 or $600,000 depending on the size and capability.

All 3D printers, like the Dreambox vending machines, are classified as "additive" manufacturing. Meaning that the components of any design are built on demand using the materials stored in the device. Designs can take hours to print, but devices like hearing aids, prosthetics, cutlery, and clothing are just a few examples of what has been produced. It's a technology that can be used just for fun, but it also could contribute to major advancements in numerous industries including the medical field. 

So what do you think? Most mind blowing vending machine ever? 

Note: this business concept which was introduced in 2013 isn't the only one from this group. Now They're now branding themselves as Dreambox the company, and have come out with a really cool new invention I'm sure we'll feature in the future! 

 Via: TrendHunter